Socialism Can Save Our Cities & Small Businesses by Philip A. Farruggio

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Socialism Can Save Our Cities & Small Businesses by Philip A. Farruggio.

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Making it easy Raza, Friends & Texans for DREAM Act

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Tomorrow the Senate votes at 11am EST. Call your senators first thing in the morning! (866) 529-7628. It’s not too late to urge the support of your US Senators.  In Texas Kay B. Hutchison (R) & John Corwyn (R) are your Senators. I’ve posted some local (not all) contact info and a couple of links.


The DREAM Act would allow young illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for at least five years to become legal resident by attending college or serving in the U.S. military





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The comments at the bottom of link 3 are crazy. It looks like US Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison & John Cornyn are strongly opposed to the current version of the Act. Supposedly if KBH sways her position, it could pass.


Kay Bailey Hutchison

General Hudnell Dr # 120

San Antonio, TX 78226-2026







John Corwyn

600 Navarro St # 210

San Antonio, TX 78205-2455

210 224-7485





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Day of Regret…and Hope?

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Red Journal Entry// 11.3.2010// Day of Regret…and Hope?

A day after the 2010 US Midterm Elections, I have nothing but feelings of disgust and distrust for most of our elected officials, especially the newly elected Republicans. I’m appalled by the willingness of the people to allow the politicians and candidates to deceive Us further. I still distrust our government and what it currently stands for: corporatism, aka fascism. The Republican PR machine keeps saying the result of the yesterday’s election was the voice of the People. Rather, it was the voice of the concentrated Voters, and they don’t represent the entire middle class or America as a whole. Far from it; what was witnessed was a retributive “shellacking” a Republican base that was still sour from the 2008 Democratic Election Landslide, compounded by the effects of the recession (as is the entire nation) and the influence of the conservative Right mass media propagation of Obama’s so called ‘socialist’ healthcare and economic reforms. The real Socialist Left scoffs at that notion.

Our nation is now more divided than ever and “the illusion of” honest representative democratic governance is more daunting than ever because, yet again, the two major political parties in America are at odds, and appearing on the surface as if they want to compromise in a center-bipartisan manner with President Obama and Speaker of the House-in-waiting Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), but noting that it will be difficult. I say “the illusion of” honest representative democratic governance because of the innate, yet perhaps unknown or unacknowledged underlying belief of the most of the nation, and also of the Left’s schools of anti-capitalist, anti-corporatist, anti-consumerist, anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho-communist, and other schools of socialist thought (up to and including institutional analysts, sometimes stigmatically dubbed ‘conspiracy theorists’), that both parties are unabatedly, at the highest levels, most obviously, but undoubtedly at most levels of party affiliation, tied to corporate America, big banks, big oil, and the unruly and psychotic 1%,,. The partisan battle has just intensified (on the surface, as to further divide and deceive the People), and hope for any real progress is lost. Beneath the surface, it just feels as if the Elitists are further pursing their secret agenda, though Alex Jones feels otherwise, stating he feels the People are awakening to the Elitists agenda. To that end, there is some hope and relief, that at least more people are becoming aware, especially with all the new kinds of truth movements, and reinvigoration of activism at many different core causes and groups.

Obama was seen as the Unifier, and many political pundits were assuming he’d united the entire nation and bring the Left-Right divide more to the center. He succeeded in strengthening the core at the edges of the political spectrum, namely the Truly Existing Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, and Libertarians, while further polarizing party members from Democratic & Republican parties.

The challenge to unite such a diverse nation [with so many different political views, to say the least, some more fervent than religion] is a serious one. Members (constituent party members) from both major parties literally feel hate for each other. Members of third parties and other independents are revolted by both parties, and the uninterested are exactly that. The Big Two constituent party members fall back and become, like usual when not in election times, inactive and disinterested in politics, but quite interested in consumption, regardless of economic situation. On the contrary, the members of third parties, such as the Libertarians, Democratic Socialists, Tea Party, anarchists, etc., remain active in political activity via activism and community involvement, protests, etc, but are shunned and remain Excluded. The members of the third group of people in America, the outcasts or uninterested remain indifferent to the political world, perhaps as they rightfully should, given that the political world and members of that elite world, and the Elitists in general, don’t really care about the People, much less the outcast and disinterested. Slavoj Zizek, will probably illustrate this notion to a perfect degree, as he has in the past with different subsets of groups of people. Further, this third group will likely assume as true, albeit invalid Truth, what the mass media machine propagates, living vicariously at best thru their celebrity idols, consuming carelessly and ignoring the ecological, economic, and social problems at bay, that are only worsening,.

It is not to say that I believe in the Democratic Party or in the hope of the Democratic Party being victorious in yesterday’s elections. It is like saying I believe in the Democratic Party as much as I believe in the Republican Party: I don’t believe in either, but I would prefer the lesser of the two evils—the Democrats. The Truly Existing Democratic Party and Truly Existing Republican Party are not what that what their Ideal was once, and the interests that the Parties now represent are not those of the People, as they once stood for in the past. Evidently, the rise of the populist Libertarian Party and Tea Party are proof of an illusioned People, awaking from an illusionary culture and acting out through nonviolent direct action. Unfortunately, the consequence of these movements has resulted in resurgence in the Republican base in the Senate and House. As an anarchist, I believe in neither party, neither at an authoritative level such as that of the highest levels of our elective/representative democratic (hegemonic) structure of government, nor at any level simply because of the amount of disconnects between the Representative of Government and the Constituent, the disparity of wealth in the nation, and the connections to corporatist/corporate interests—not the interests of the People. As an anarcho-communist, I detest the corporatist (read fascist) Democrats and Republicans, with some good exceptions, i.e. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), but that may be a stretch in itself. Moreover, it is days like this that reinvigorate my passion for despising the part, it is days like this that reinvigorate my passion for despising the part electorate system and our Truly Existing US Government, in general. Paradoxically, days like these make me almost want to abandon the fight against the evermore increasingly obviousness of oppression from our corporatist, powerful and corrupt Government and their Corporate Lords, as it seems hopeless at times. But I won’t give up the fight—a worthy one.

In closing, this only touches on the tip of the socio-cultural-politico spectrum, and doesn’t even begin differentiate between the magnitude of matrices, differences, interconnections, among the magnificent complexity that is the Human Existence as divided by Continent—Nation—State—City—Town—Home—Self. Ideally, what I think is needed a world or communities where participatory democracy with anarcho-communist principles, stripped of influence from institutional authorities—religious, political, corporate; without fantastical religious fervor & division between non-believers—an agnostic/atheist system of secular spirituality); without borders; without wealth and resource disparity. But perhaps, therein lies the problem, or the melting pot for the true beginning for Change. After all the post election hoopla has subsided, and all the political monsters resume business as usual, the People and the Voters will once again see that the interests of the Big Two aren’t that of the People or the Voters, even, but of their own agenda. We will be back at it in 2012, with even more vigor and more fingers to point at, and even more Democrats and Republicans squabbling ever so heatedly. In the year of the supposed coming apocalypse, I would like to see rise of Anarchism in its many forms and the birth of a new Communism in 2012. That would be true Change—of the mind, body, spirit, culture, politic, of Living—Truly Existing Revolutionary Change.

The Money Markets are Rigged

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