A few things politiks…

a few things world issues…

…aimed at finding the Truth and the Source of all things

Veritas Vos Liberabit


What am I about?

Briefly, I enjoy being and thinking; sometimes I think too much about a lot of things. That being said, I need to act more on my actions. I’m not getting any younger. I enjoy examining why it is we are here, to what lies beyond what is immediately available to us, or otherwise, below the surface. I’m into science (genetics, physics, quantum theory, and evolution), politics (current events, economy, and political systems) philosophy & religion, art, architecture, and history. Delving into conspiracy theories has become a slight of mine, to say the least. When I’m not [trying to figure out the world, which I can’t do], I find enjoyment in my distractions such as good films (movies), MMA, soccer, NFL (Cowboys), MLB (Red Sox), and working out, trying to find the fountain of youth. I love good, honest, and open-minded people, who aren’t so much worried about the petty things in life, but in each other and life. I’m still in school, and work hard doing my job at kgb.] Left socialist-democrat is what I would classify myself. I believe in God as The Creator, and am admittedly cynical when it comes to faith based issues. I see the function of religion, but believe that even the system of religion has deceived the masses, or as Karl Marx said, “…the opiate of the masses”. I’ve lost trust in the government after the last 8 years of imperialistic and at times unconstitutional rule. And, in the age of information, the cracks in the wall are starting to crumble, and the machine is being seen for what it is, or has become over the course of the Republic. But, we are now entering the Dawn of a New Tomorrow, with the onset of President-Elect Barack Obama

What is this blog about? Why?

First of all, it’s generally a blog that I say serves as a watchdog for politics. It tends to have a cynical look at the world of politics, and of the world itself. Some of the topics I choose to cover or write about tend to deal with as previously mentioned politics, but also with conspiracy theories, new world order truths and beliefs, truth itself, the source of knowledge and of things in general, and at times, various religious discussions. Why you may ask? I think I don’t need a reason, especially if I present my views with factual, logical, and rational approach. Also because I like and enjoy writing and /speaking my mind and opinions. It’s the age of information, and I feel that I should not miss out and speak out. And finally, because I didn’t want to let my mind go to waste, while I’m not in school; I feel, deep inside, that I have a voice that will one day echo to the many. We’ll see.

What do I plan to do or accomplish through this blog?

Very simply I plan to share my beliefs and thought processes, at times. Also, this is my first honest contribution to the revolution I always speak of. This is my small contribution to the dissemination of information to the People, in the spirit of one of my heroes, Che. In case the crazy conspiracy theories are true, and there is truly need for the Next American Revolution, or just Revolution of the People, I’ll have done my initial due to spread and promote alternate views, websites, and sources of information, disinformation, and attempt at finding honesty and truth.

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